about zipit®

As a mum, Ruth Waddingham knows that babycare comes with many challenges, but dressing or nappy changes shouldn't be one of them. A graphic designer with an eye for minimal lines, she struggled to find baby clothes that fit her modern aesthetic and were easy to get on and off a wiggly baby. That's when her company, Zipit® was born.

Ruth developed an entire collection of ingenious and adorable babywear with full-front zipped openings, zips that open from the ankle upwards for quick nappy changes, and the exclusive elasticized opening in the rear, The Pooper Peeper®, to check nappies without undressing.

Zipit's Easy Change Zip-up Babygrow is styled with a no frills attitude. For a modern twist, it comes in unique colors with contrasting trim. A zip crosses asymmetrically from shoulder to ankle and is lined with extra fabric for skin protection. With the care instructions silk screened right inside and flat seams, this comfortable piece won't irritate baby's delicate skin.

The packaging is equally simple and fun, making this a great gift.